ARB Real Estate

A new approach to real estate

ARB Real Estate is an innovative real estate investment regulated by the authorities of Luxembourg Fund financial markets.

The fund invests primarily in real estate projects in France from leading developers and property dealers. Development operations may involve construction, renovation and rehabilitation of housing and commercial real estate, including environmental upgrading.

The fund can hold interests in real estate operations of medium size. ARB Real Estate aims to provide an IRR of over 15% over a period of 5 years.

Capital investment in real estate development operations (direct investment or co-investment) allow ARB Real Estate to take advantage of the high profitability of this segment on the French property market.

Operations have made ​​knowledge of market both at the regulatory level and local procedures. This knowledge is complemented by an ability to control the risks and challenges associated with the development and operation of projects.


Features of ARB Real Estate

- Provide the necessary equity in real estate projects (residential and commercial)

- Make investments with operators / key developers who have an interest in the project

- Securing assets marketing ability of the promoter / operator

- Optimize the size, quality and return on assets

- Get high visibility and low risk investments

- Access to a class of assets uncorrelated from traditional markets

- Limit exposure to the projects selected by the regular operations

- Detailed description of each operation providing good visibility of investments


Download ARB Real Estate Fact sheet